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Machine Knitting Instruction Books for Beginner - Advanced

Summer Classics Collection Volume 1


A family collection featuring 10 different drop shoulder tops with a variety of tuck stitches, cables, isolated lace and other fun accents.

Child's size 26 through Men's size 52.

All the patterns have complete unabbreviated instruction and easy to follow steps for all techiques and neckline shapings. No more wondering how to reset needles after shaping necklines with a stitch design. 

Written for the Brother/Knitking 4.5 mm machine. If you have a good working knowledge of your machine you will be able to use this book.

Price: $14.50 plus S&H

Summer Classics Collection Volume II


A women's collection with 10 different patterns featuring 7 tops and 3 skirts. 

Designs include all over lace, tuck stitches, and combinations of techniques. 

Again, all patterns have complete unabbreviated instructions. Row by row instructions take you through neckline shapings with lace and give hints for a successful finished garment. 4.5 mm machine. 

Written for the Brother/Knitking 4.5 mm machine. If you have a good working knowledge of your machine you will be able to use this book.

Price: $14.50 + S&H

Classic Lace & Exciting Combinations


It wasn't until I became involved in teaching at seminars that I realized many knitters have trouble knitting lace designs. I taught a combinations lace class at several seminars and at the first British American Expo in Denver, CO. The class got so much interest and enthusiasm I decided to write the techniques down to share with other. Knitting lace is a challenging technique that can be fun and easy if you have the tips to make it work. I hope this book will help you with those tips. 

Discover the fun of lace knitting and combining techniques. Step by step instructions teach you the basics of transfer lace, fine lace and a combination of lace with lots of other techniques. A basic trouble shooting guide on common problems you might come across when learning how to knit in lace, what to look for and how to fix problems. Step by step instructions for neckline shapings, short rowing shoulders, multiple increases and lots of other useful information. Then on to more advanced combinations techniques like Cables & Lace, Fairisle & Lace, Lace with Weaving, Tuck & Lace and more. Use the techniques you learn to make the Cables, Lace & Weaving Jacket in this book. 

This book was written for the Brother/Knitking 4.5mm machine but if you have a good working knowledge of your machine and it knits lace you can use this book. 

Includes eight 24 stitch punchcards designs. Classic Lace & Exciting Combinations has proven to be an invaluable resource for your lace knitting reference library.

Price: $18.50 + S&H

Combination Techniques With Pizzazz!


Ever wanted to combine techniques? Try this book for step by step instructions on how to combine Fairisle & Cables, Beading with Colors, how to make an Embossed Aran Sweater, and much more. 

The Embossed Aran Sweater uses both the main bed and the ribber for a beautiful textured sweater. Set up for your machine with the graph then follow the design aid which explains the symbols for use with the graph. 

Learn how to combine Fairisle with Cables then make a sweater with the technique. Or learn how to short row the front of a ladies sweater and add a pin tuck on the diagonal for great affect. 

Uni-Sex G Carriage top becomes a nice fair isle sweater with a 24 stitch repeat design if you don't have a G-Carriage. 

Pin Tuck Fun and Beading with Color techniques add great pizzazz to a childs sweater! 

Written for Brother/Knitking 4.5 mm machine but if you have a good understanding of your machine you could use this book. G-carriage pattern included if you have this accessory or substitute with fairisle. 

Book includes 4 sweater patterns and six techniques.
Price: $18.50 + S&H

More Fun With Classic Lace & Exciting Combinations


More Fun With Classic Lace & Exciting Combinations builds on the basics you already learned about lace knitting in Classic Lace & Exciting Combinations Book. We have taken a few of our favorite techniques from the first book and put them into garments for you to knit. We have also given you more advanced techniques to expand your expertise just a little bit more. I have fun creating and pushing just that little extra to see how far we can go with the combinations. I hope you find this book as valuable and fun as Classic Lace & Exciting Combinations Book. 

Each pattern includes a skematic to help you make the garment incase you can not make the correct gauge. There are five garment patterns in this book and one new technique to learn. Patterns include 1) a Straight Stocking Stitch Skirt, 2) a Jacket with Lace & Fairisle (24 stitch repeat) technique along with direction for both long or short sleeves, (Originally the pattern was written for the G-Carriage but if you substitute Fairisle for G-Carriage it works well too) 3) Drop Shoulder Lace & Fine lace top, 4) Technique and pattern for a top using Lace, Fairisle, Beads and Cable Turns all in one top, 5) Lace Sweater with a set in sleeve. 

This is quite a complicated technique book written for the Brother/Knitking machine but if you have a good working knowledge of your machine you could use this book to expand your knitting experience.

Price: $18.50 + S&H

Family Basic Bulky Collection


This book provides Basic Bulky Patterns with classic shapes giving the beginner easy instruction to build confidence and the creative knitter a basic sweater on which to add creative touches. 

The basic crew/turtle neck, long sleeve sweater is written for Baby size 23 to Men's size 50. 

A unisex V-Neck Vest, classic for any time of year, comes in a Child's size 26-Adult size 52. See how easy it is to shape a neckline with a fair isle design in the Child's V-Neck Vest. 

Design ideas and color photos are included. 

Written for the Brother/Knitking 8 mm machine. May be used with other machines if you understand how your machine works.

Price: $12.50 + S&H

Designing, Charting, and Knitting Curtains for Your Home


Have you ever thought about knitting your own curtains or valance? This workbook will take you through all the steps of making simple curtains. Learn how to choose the design, yarn, knit the swatch, take the window measurements, and much more.

Price: $12.50 + S&H

Ordering our books is easy. Just contact us via the contact us page with the title of books you would like to purchase and we will create an invoice for you.

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